Capacity Display Bug

Model: My Cloud Pro PR4100
Firmware Version : 2.21.126

Yesterday, I logged into the WD My CLoud PR4100 NAS Dashboard, to manage Shares, when I clicked on the Home icon and suddenly noticed that the Capacity chart had suddenly appeared. Much to my dismay, it disappeared again after the page was refreshed. The following is what I normally see:

Afterwards, I tried everything I could think of to get it to appear again, hopefully so I could reproduce the steps required to replicate the issue. I even tried the latest versions of all popular browsers, including: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Exploder (Explorer), Safari, Opera, etc… In addition, I tried using half a dozen different computers, ranging from my screaming demon of a desktop I use for video processing, down to my lowly dinosaur of a laptop computer that is waiting to be retired. I even tried it on three tablets and two different phones. Despite my best efforts, nothing changed.

However, a few minutes ago I was testing the S.M.A.R.T. Data functionality of the dashboard, when I clicked on the Home icon. Yep, you guessed it, the doughnut chart was back! I have not refreshed the page yet because I want to look under the hood to try and see what might be going on, but have little doubt that it will disappear just as quickly as it appeared.

Obviously, something strange is going on, but I’ll be darned if I can find it.

The dashboard login finally timed out, causing the doughnut chart to vanish again, but I got a good look at the HTML source code before it happened, plus grabbed a quick screenshot. I can confirm that the HTML code is structurally different, starting at the following line.

This can only mean one thing, the underlying PHP code that generates the page is the likely culprit.

Not a bug. I always see the donut graph with amount of data in each group. To always see the donut graph, the Cloud Access in Settings must be On. My suggestion is to do a (non-destructive) 4 second system reset and the data will likely reappear. I also assume you have a copy of the complete user manual PDF.)

I have the manual and am fully aware of the section on page 20 which states the following:

Storage allocation information only appears when the Cloud Services option is ON.
See “Cloud Access” on page 71 for steps to enable Cloud Services.

However, the “storage allocation information” (doughnut graph) should not appear and disappear with no input from the user, which IS a bug. As for the “Cloud”… not gonna happen.

Do you want help, or do you want to argue? Look, if you reset the device as suggested your problem may be gone.

I tried a soft reset (my term for it) before posting about the issue. No change.

Sounds like you have an issue if the donut graph is not correctly showing the various capacities of the file types.

You just got this, and you likely ought to use the free support you are entitled to from WD, so call their support phone after the weekend.

I think you may have misinterpreted my original post. It was not really a request for help. It was intended to inform others of the problem and see if anyone may have experienced similar issues.

You are the only one with this concern. People who have had improper graph display can get it fixed. I have even had improper display, and I got it fixed. Enjoy your new NAS.

Got any facts to back that up?

I am a daily forum member, and it is just based upon my not seeing any posts such as yours. No doubt you are quite knowledgeable, yet you are also a new member here, so check the forums for similar issues. Check the DL forums as well; it is the series that preceded your Pro series.

It seems that the DL, EX and PR series all share similar firmware, which has been helpful during searches, but unfortunately there is not a lot of accurate (and up to date) information to be found, probably because most forums are relatively dead these days. However, I did manage to find a bit of technical information elsewhere and have been examining the firmware GPL source code published by WD on their website.

I’ve been a programmer for a long time and may eventually create my own custom version of the firmware to address the issues I’ve found, and more importantly to patch all the security vulnerabilities which have yet to be fixed by WD. I’m in no hurry though, because using custom firmware would void my warranty, plus I need time to get my Linux skills up to date.

There are a few posts going on about the FW security issues, This is the most commented-on post – it was started over a year ago and has been resurrected this past week:

I’m aware of the thread and have posted to it a number of times.

I did not say you were not aware of the posts, just that the link I gave you is the most “popular” because of all the comments (and there is another thread with the same title that I saw your comment in.)

I already have figured out you want the “full story” and that link is where you will find it.:grinning:

What interests me most is learning exactly how the firmware works, and how to repackage/compile it. Then, when the day comes when I want to customize it… I can perform my own security updates and add or remove any features I like. Again, I’m in no hurry, it works well enough for now, despite its quirks.

It’s back! But alas, it was gone just as quickly as it appeared. Definitely a bug, no doubt about it.

It’s back again! Except this time it decided to stick around for a while. I just replaced one of my 2TB drives with a 4TB drive and a large file copy job is underway, so I believe this may be the reason the display has not changed yet. It will be interesting to see what happens when the copy job is finished.

I guess it’s a good thing I have some coffee to go with my doughnut.