Capable of playing HEVC?

I have a My Cloud Mirror Gen 2 with the Plex app installed. By and large, the app works wonderfully on this device; it’s seriously been worth every single penny.

Recently, I’ve had some different file formats that I’m trying to play on Plex, and I’m having some issues.

I have a bunch of .MKV files that are encoded with the HEVC/x265 codec.

Here is a screenshot of the MediaInfo stats.

I have a Roku Stick that I have been trying to use to play the files with. I am under the impression that the relationship is that the hard drive/processor of where the file is located bears the burden of transcoding, so I’m wondering if the My Cloud is capable of transcoding something this drive is capable of.

Any ideas?

Hi @Jeffreyabr

Thanks for your screenshot, your video is a H.265 with 10 Bit depth which is pretty tough even to decode on a media player due to the 10 bit depth.

Plex cannot transode this codec right now into another codec, only direct stream it to a capable device (which need to be able to decode 10 bit depth!).

My Cloud Mirror Gen.2 with its Marvell ARMADA 385 cannot transcode 1080p “on the fly”, the only option would be to use the offline transcode option within Plex where the original video will be transcoded step-by-step and saved as same clip with other file type ending. Teh offline transcoding of your 900 Megabyte video would last up to one hour.

Darn, that’s disappointing to hear. Is it more dependent on the Roku or the MCM to be able to handle this kind of file? Is it something that the hardware is just not able to handle or is it possible that software could catch up one day?

Can you expand upon this a bit more?