Can't xcopy to USB-3 mounted disk [solved]

It took a while to figure this one out, so I thought I’d post what I discovered. I found that I could xcopy a directory to the internal disk on My Cloud, but got access denied xcopying to an NTFS drive connected to the My Cloud USB-3 port. Robocopy gave a more useful error message - unable to set attributes for the directory. Robocopy can be told not to attempt to set attributes with the /copy:dt option; this is fine for what I’m doing. Is this a limitation of NTFS support in the My Cloud OS?

In case it matters, here’s my firmware version:
WDMyCloud v04.04.01-112 : Core F/W

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this is bound to the way of the NTFS file system handling within all kinds of Linux, yes.

You can’t xcopy attributes to the NAS. In particular, you can’t xcopy the owner attributes, as the MyCloud is a different computer system, with different users.

So you can’t use the /O switch in xcopy.

I used an xcopy script to backup to the MyCloud for some time, but never to the USB. I recently switched to FreeFileSync, which does proper mirroring and syncing.

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Similar to some limitations using Robocopy, correct.