Can't Wake Hard Drive From Standby

Neither my wireless laptop or my no name Chinese media player seem to be able to consistantly wake the hard drive from standby.  (Sometimes the latop does)   I try to access it though “nettwork”  and the light just stays blue.  Windows 7.  How do I wake it?  Any ideas?  Thanks

go to the dashboard/type in the unit’s ip address to get to the dashboard?

I can go to the dashboard and change settings but it doesnt seem to wake it up.  Changing settings in the dashboard makes the green light come on but my computer still cant access it.  I had this problem when I first installed it where all the lights were on properly  but the software still couldn`t find it. 

The fact that you can change settings and navigate the dashboard should me that the drive is active.

have you typed in the IP address into explorer? That should open the drive shares.

you said software can’t find it, I was thinking you meant smartware, but I think you are just trying to get to the folders.

If typing http://mybooklive into your browser doesn’t get you to the drive, then you are not going to see it in my computer when you try to map.

reserve an IP for your MBL in your router, and then go to the dashboard and issue a shut down command.  Once it’s off, clear out any old mappings in your computer.  then reboot the drive (plug the power cable back in) and try to map to your drive