Can't view files on my WD HD that showed before

i am running MAC OS X 10.6.6 on my macmini… i had previously owned a mac book which i transferred all my photos and music onto my WD HD. Before on my macbook, when i opened my HD it would show me the folders in which i transferred but nothing in them. when i bought my mac mini and connect my WD HD it showed me all my files in all my folders. 

now it seems like i am back at square one. when i access my WD HD it shows me all my folders and about 90% of my files, with certain picture folders empty again! = (

at this very moment… my WD HD front vertical LED light is bouncing up and down like a pogo stick… 

can someone please help me???


Lights bounceing up and down? Is it pssible that you post the model number of the WD HD it would greatly be appreciated :slight_smile:

MDL:WD10000H1Q-00   would that be it? 

I see you have the My book studio edition

The lights moving up and down mean that the drive is currently in use take a look,260,224

thanks! now i know the lights are not an issue.

how would i be able to view those files in that one particular folder that used to show before? i have went to Disk Utility and repair disk… and everything is still the same… 

any suggestions? appreciate your help!