Can't update drive firmware for my WD My Book Essential 1.5 TB

I followed all the instructions to update the Drive Firmware found on this page: I disabled the anti-virus and anti-spyware programs, all programs turned off and, after downloading WDSmartWare_Software_Upgrader_for_Windows_1.4.5.2B and unzipping, disabled/disconnected from internet/network connection, before clicking on WDFirmwareUpdater.exe. The only external drive connected is the WB My Book Essential which is the one I’m trying to update the drive firmware for. When I try to update the firmware I keep getting the message: You may only update one drive at a time. Safely unplug all drives with the exception of the one you want to update, then click rescan. I don’t know what else to do to be able to update the drive firmware. Please help. Thank you

I am having the very same problem.  Welcome any assistance to overcome this issue.  Thanks

Same firmware update problem here.  Any help out there? 

Have you try to update on a different usb port or a different computer?

I am having the same exact problem.  It’s aggravating.   I did reinstall Windows 7 before I ran this update but the external drive was and is working fine.  I just can’t do the update.

Thanks for any assistance anyone can provide.

I get a message that there is more than one drive connected, when in fact there is not when I try to update firmware.   I was able to update software but not firmware.  I think this drive is going back.  Please advise if you hav a solution.

Same exact problem!!!

My solution :

In Device Manager, Expand “Universal Serial Bus Controllers”

There I disabled all Usb Root Hubs that have any “attached devices” under Power sections.

After that the Update Driver worked.

After that i enabled one after one. And the one who stopped the firmware update

was “HP Integrated Module with Bluetoot2.0 Wireless technology”.

Hope this will help some of you,

Enviroment :

Windows 7 x64

HP 8530W


This issue has already been addressed in the link below.  And we are looking into this.  For now, please disconnect any HP printers before you update.


If you’d like to help, go to that thread and post what model HP devices you have.  That will help our engineers.