Cant transfer via USB, but can on wifi

Forsome reason I am unable to transfer via usb onto my passport wireless but I can transfer when connected with wifi. I can see the drive and all the folders but it gives me an error when I paste. I factory reset the setting and still cannot via usb.

Any thoughts?

Yeah, how 'bout you start with giving us some more info…

How’s the MPW formatted?   What type of PC OS are you using?  Mac?  Windows (version?) Linux? etc.

Windows 7

exFat (to be read by android phone)

My guess is your PC wasn’t shut down cleanly during a write operation (a crash of some sort) or the drive wasn’t ejected safely.

You should be able to fix it by opening a CMD window and issuing the command

chkdsk /f (drive letter):

where (drive letter) is whichever letter windows assigns the drive when it’s plugged in.

Such as,

chkdsk /f e:

or whatever.

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Weird I have never had this issue with any driver before.


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