Can't switch output between TV and projector!


My WD TV Live can via a SR Receiver and HDMI switch, connect to either my TV or my projector.

However, if the WD TV starts up and detects the TV, it won’t output anything when I switch to the projector and vice versa.

I have to power the WD TV completely off in order to make it detect when I switch to another unit. It is not enough just to put it in standby.

It is quite annoying having to switch it completely off, since it takes a long time to start up and it also compiles my media library when powering up, adding to the start time.

I never had that problem with my old media streamer (mede8er mini) in the same set up.

HDMI output is set to ‘Auto’ on the WD TV.

Anyone who knows a solution?



Try to setup only 720p for the WD TV to verify if you have the same issue. 

Thank you for answering.

If I force the WD TV to output 720p, it can switch between between TV and projector without problems.

However, that isn’t really an acceptable solution since I don’t want to watch my 1080p24 moviers in 720p50 :neutral_face:

Is this a bug in the WD TV?

Is it possible that your HDMI switch is not sending the correct HDCP updates when it switches displays?

The WDTV would need to see an HDMI disconnect / reconnect in order to renegotiate the display.

My HDMI switch is mechanical, so input/outputs are hard-wired.

Also, it works with 720p and it also works with my old mede8er streamer.