Can't stream any vidéo from NAS

Hi community,

I’ve bought a new WD My Cloud 4To and spent the last days to transfert all my movies from my old WD My Book World to my new one.

But I can’t stream anything from it. With VLC, Windows Media Player, Plex… at 50-60 seconde i’ve got an error. On all my videos. Starting at 0s or 5 minutes or more, it always end after the same period

It’s connected directly on my freebox the same way the old disk was

Can someone help me ?

Connect to the Twonky manager (http://yourcloudip:9000)

and go into the settings, advanced, and DISABLE “restart server on NIC changes” and see if that helps.

Wow, thanks I didn’t knew this “backdoor” exist.

I think I’ve found just before what happened. I have a raspberry with SickBeard + Couchpotato + Sabnzbd constantly reading/writing on my NAS. Specially sabnzdb wich I configured to directly save temp download on my NAS. After shuting down my raspberry everything went back to normal

Tomoro I try to plug a USB disk for some temp file.

Thanks for the tip thought, can be usefull