Can't sign in to My Cloud after WD Discovery update

I can’t sign in to MyCloud from the WD Discovery app on my iMac running Big Sur (11.1). I can use the same credentials to sign in from a web browser on that same iMac or from the MyCloud app on my iPhone. (So it’s not a case of bad credentials or a bad network connection.) When I attempt to sign in on WD Discovery, the progress spinner spins forever.

This was working fine until the recent upgrade to WD Discovery 4.2.288. After the update completed, I opened WD Discovery. It finds my USB-connected My Passport drive, but I have to sign in to my My Cloud Home drive. That’s the sign in that is never completing.

I verified that the System Preferences > Security & Privacy settings are correct:

  • Allow app downloads set to: App Store and identified developers.
  • On the Privacy tab, I added WD Discovery to the apps in the Accessibility list.

Any ideas?

Also happening here on a 2017 Macbook Pro, running Mojave.

Spinning wheel of death when trying to sign into WD Discovery app, but can access my data via webs ite and mobile app. Time Machine can also access MyCloud for backups.



The same for me on Mac OS Mojave. Mycloud does not appear in the finder.
But it works on my other mac book pro running High Sierra.

I hope a fix quickly !


I finally fixed this problem myself by uninstalling and reinstalling the WD Discovery app on my iMac. The uninstall program down inside the WD Discovery folder (in Applications) was finicky. When it’s done, you have to be very patient and wait for it to delete itself. After it looks like it’s done, wait a minute. If you quit too soon, the WD Discovery folder will remain in the Applications folder and any attempt to drag it to the trash (and empty it) will prompt you to uninstall again. Tedious.

I then downloaded an installer for WD Discovery and let it run. It will prompt you to allow an extension to get installed, which you need to do in the Security settings in System Preferences. After that I still had to sign in to My Cloud twice to get it to stay logged in, but now it works.

wd is a very bad company … my device continues to update after 1 and a half months … they said they went to recover data from live chat … yesterday my device has improved … 3 hours later it gave an error again.