Can't setup WD Sync

Problems are piling up for me with this thing. Now I can’t setup WD Sync. I get the following message: "Remote server returned an error: (500) internal server error. Is it really supposed to be this hard to set this thing up? By the way why can’t I select what folders to sync my self? WD sync just seems to pre-select the most commonly used folders. Please help!


Just saying…

You CAN select your own folders after installing WD Sync. After installation if you open the WD Sync Settings one can select the Add button while on the Folders screen to add more folders to monitor on the local computer.

Also during installation one can unselect the default folders that WD Sync wants to monitor.

Thanks. I’ll check out FreeFileSync. Seems to Me the budled software may not be too reliable. :+1: