Can't seem to reformat

My WD external hardrive needs reformating as for some reason I can only copy and view files (no longer add new files). I copied everything on it to my desktop and went to format the drive using the following instructions:

The problem is when I go to Step 4 the Option button is greyed out (as are most other buttons) so I cannot complete the process…any ideas what the problem might be and how i can fix it?



When on disk utility

  1. select one partition
  2. go down to options and select master boot record
  3. select MS DOS as the file system
  4. apply

Keep in mind that FAT 32 is less stable than other file systems

is good to use when going from windows to Mac but there are some apps you can get to accomplish that as well

I just bought a 6 tb drive formated for Mac.  I want to reformat it for PC windows 7.  

I think I am supposed to delete the partition.  

Will NTFS support a 6tb size?