Can't see shared folder on iMac

Dear all, I’ve just installed my WD HDTV Live following the instructions step-by-step, shared a folder in my iMac; the player is connected via ethernet cable to my wifi router Zyxel P 660 HW-D1, the iMac is connected via airport in wifi mode. The player setup has gone well, the network is detected and the player has the proper IP address, but when I try to access the shared folder njothing happens… Could anyone give me an help? Thank you in advance.

Hi, my settings in Leopard, 10.5.8, is also enabling SMB under ‘Options’ in the ‘Sharing’ panel. I´ve created a special user account for the WD TV in the same ‘Sharing’ panel by adding a new user. That username and password is used from the WD TV to logon to the shared network.

This might be overkill but it works for me. HTH!