Can't See PR4100 in Windows 10

I just recently replaced my hard drive, and did a clean install of Windows 10 Pro x64 v1809. I have been unable to see my PR4100 to read files, although I can access the drive via IP address for admin purposes. I enabled the Administrator account on my laptop, logged in, and am able to see, read and write to the drive without issue. When I returned to my regular user account (with Administrator status), I was back to square one without being able to see, read or write to the drive.

Any ideas as to what my problem is? It seems like I’ve got a configuration issue somewhere, and it should be a simple fix, but I’m completely at a loss and can’t seem to find another expression of this problem, much less a solution.

Thanks for your suggestions!

Activate your netbios drive, then set in your dashboard at network smb3 if you have win 10 on your system

After speaking with a Microsoft technician, I realized that my issue was that my machine is signing into Azure AD via Office 365. If I establish a local user account, I can access the PR4100 without issue.

I’m going to close this post and open another about configuring a PR 4100 for Office 365 domains.