Can't see my thumbnails

Since installing the latest firmware, I can no longer view the thumbnails of my imported photographs.
I shoot RAW and Jpeg and even loading just Jpegs from an SD card, the thumbnails can’t be viewed but the photographs can be viewed by clicking on the ‘blank’ thumbnail icon.
The thumbnails used to be viewed but now they are not…

Hi there,

Is this on Windows explorer, finder or on the application? This is so we can better assist you with your question.

Sorry, I should have mentioned that I connect my WD My Passport to my iPadAir by wifi. Its great, the photographs transfer very quickly but I do not see any thumbnails - only the icon! If I tap the icon the photograph opens perfectly but without a thumbnail I don’t know which photograph is which :frowning:

Anybody ???

Yea, contact WD Support.