Cant see my external drive in my computer

Western Digital Mybook External Hard Drive. Model: Wd2500d032.

the drive shows up in disk managment and is powered and whirling when its plugged into usb. i have an acer notebook and its driving my crazy i have been trying for 3 days now to try and figure it out. ive gone through loads of forums/i dont have access to another computer to see if it shows up on there. ive changed to usb able too.     in disk management it has a blue bar and says 232.89gb


i didnt get a disc with it as its second hand. is there anything i need to get it to work?

GPT - stands for GUID partition table. this drive most likely has been formated to HFS previously being used in Mac.

you may need some software to format this drive into something like FAT32, and then into NTFS

Something similar had been covered in here