Cant see media on MY CLOUD HOME using XBOX ONE PLEX APP?

Hi, i just bought and set up a My Cloud Home.

On the My Cloud Desktop UI: Enabled & configured plex, added a media file to “plex/shared tv”.

In the Plex desktop UI: enabled DLNA, checked library is set to scan automatically. Checked library’s and can’t see the file I added, tried scanning the folder and still cant see the file.

On the Xbox: installed plex/linked account. Selected My Cloud Home. Looked for the file I added and can’t find it anywhere.

This is incredibly frustrating, what have I bought here? With my old seagate central NAS that just died after about 7 years i just went into the media player on the xbox and could navigate to my files from there I didn’t need to setup anything!

Is there a good solution, or have I bought a piece of junk that has already wasted hours of my time and needs to be sent back :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:?


Hello Andrew85,

Is the firmware of your My Cloud Home device is updated? As there is new firmware released with completely different web and mobile app interface.

If the device firmware is updated or not updated yet and you are able to access the device using I would recommend you to re-configure the plex on the device and force scan the data stored in the relevant sub-folder of plex folder. You can try the link given below as it helped me to resolve the issue when I initially face the same issue while trying to access plex on my Smart TV after the initial setup.