Can't scroll more than once in a large folder of files

When opening a folder containing a large number of files, I can only scroll once before I can’t continue, so I can’t get to the remainder of the files in order to do work in them or share them.

More information is needed. How are you connecting to the My Cloud? Using Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder? Or are you using Or are you using a WD app or software?

Can you post a screen shot of what you are seeing?

I’m logging into using Chrome at a work computer. I can see my shares in the left navigation and my folders and files in the middle of the page. When I open the folder that contains a large amount of music, I can see the first folders that are appearing alphabetically, but when I hit the pgdn key or end key or down arrow, the process stops after one scroll, so to speak. I’ve only advanced a few folders and can’t go any further.

@willcka I have not been having this problem in the past but now I am. My suggestion is to try another browser. I can only scroll down to files starting with G then it stops scrolling.

I have the latest version of Chrome and I am using Windows 10 Home with all updates.

Update: Check your Zoom and make sure it is set to 100. See image below. Try scrolling again. This solved my problem and I can see all the files.


Thanks cat0w. I tried Firefox and at least got to the first part of the Bs before I was prevented from any further scrolling.

@willcka Try Chrome again and check it using what I showed in my update to my post.

Thank you for following up. My zoom had been set at 100%. I changed it, then reset it to 100, to the same result.

Perfect…I was under the wrong impression that the 100% applied to all tabs/pages, so when I saw 100% on another page, reset it, then changed it back to 100, I assumed it applied to all pages. When I changed it on the mycloud page, I was good to go. Thank you so much…and happy holidays! That’s a nice quick gift today!