Can't safely disconnect my WD ext. drive

Every time I try to safely unplug or disconnect my WD 2 TB external drive I get a message that reads " Windows can’t stop generic volume device because a program still using it. Close any program that might be using device and then try again". I can see ANY program that is open in my computer when disconnecting the drive. I call tech support and they advice me to turn the computer off to disconnect the drive which is VERY inconvenient to do. I have 19 WD external drives and this is the only one giving me troubles.

Programs and Windows services such as indexing/AV scanning/cataloging can cause this. Also things like if you’ve used Windows Explorer to transfer files onto it, sometimes that can still keep things open and needs to be closed before the safe removal will work.

If you can’t see anything obviously open, try looking in task manager and see if you can see any ongoing programs or services there which might still be keeping it open.

The only other options are to wait until whatever is ongoing finishes, or to the extreme close down the machine as you’ve already been advised (unless you are willing to risk an unsafe removal).

Darren, Thanks for taking the time to help me with the problem
I’m having with the WD drive. I will give that a try.