Can't Retrieve My Files! What is a "metadate"?

I received a MyBook Essential for my PC, and then put all my photos on there to free up space on my computer. I thought this was what external hard drives were for–to clear up space on your computer. But now, when I try to retrieve my photos from the MyBook, says there was an error reteiving my files, saying “failed to find metadate for file”, with all of the files in the album.

I have checked both my backed up files on my OC (C:) drive and my Recovery drive. My  photo albums don’t show up on the latter. But for the OC drive my albums are shown as being backed up, but when I try to retrieve them I recieve an error stating “failed to find metadate for file”.

Currently the MyBook says it only has 693 files of pictures backed-up, which is the same amount currently on my computer. But in 5 months in Australia I took over 2,000, and THESE photos are the ones I wanted to keep stored on MyBook, but also be able to RETRIEVE them from the MyBook. Once I erased them from my computer, I didn’t want them erased from my external hard drive.

What’s the deal?!?!? Are my photos lost forever? What does a failure due to “metadate” mean?

I believe backup engine is creating meta data file (information about original file) in addition to copying original back up file.  It doesn’t mean your original data file is disappeared.

Try navigating/exploring your photo files manually by navigating/exploring to external drive and clicking each folders with long #s.  Folder doesns’t spell out which is your photo files so you have to do some digging around.