Cant retrieve after XP reinstall

I Backed up my computer data  using WD smartware  then confirmed it was all there.  I then had to reinstall winxp pro on my laptop and when I plugged the wd essential back in and loaded smartware, it doesnt see the data catagorized but as a big chunk of “additional files”.  I can manually access most of the files except where the bulk of my data is in documents and settings, my name.  I get an alert that the file is not accessible access is denied.

 Anyone know how to fix this?


Thought I would update anyone following this thread. 

By a stroke of luck I decided to back up the WD Smartware file with my copy of Acronis true image 2009. When I explored that file I was able to pull my data out of the folder.  Maybe Acronis changes the folder properties, I dont know but I cant get this POS drive and software disconnected fast enough and back to the store.

What an ill conceived concept this rig is.

Good luck!