Cant remove password in settings


My problem is like this.

Im going to set my WD My Book Essential (USB 3.0) disk on the usb on my router and to do that i need to decable the password protection.

I know how to do this but i cant get in to the settings tab on the Smart Were program.

When i press the settings botton the programe close.

I have tried to install al kinds of versions of smart ware and drivers for the Disk but nothing works.

Anyone hade the same problem or have any qlue of what im doing wrong ?



Try installing the latest Smartware version and then try again. Click on the following link.

Hello there,

Please remember that the WD My Book Essential doesn’t have a web interface, (Dashboard) therefore, you won’t be able to launch the settings from the WD SmartWare tool.

Also, I don’t know if you meant to disable the encryption password? if that’s the case there’s no way to disable it.