Can't remotely access drive

Hi there,

I have a WDMycloud that, since upgrading my router to the latest Virgin superhub 3, I cannot access remotely.

I can access the drive when I’m connected to my home lan (through laptop and mobile app) but as soon as I switch to mobile data, I cannot connect.

I’ve looked around online at some guides regarding port forwarding, and have set port forwarding on my router to forward ports 80 & 443 to ports 8080 and 8443 respectively (tcp and UDP) to no avail.

An error I see on my phone is code 907 if that helps. Also, on the webpage GUI, it says that the connection state is: connecting (but never says connected or disconnected)

I’ve been trying to sort this for a while and an getting rather sad about it! I love my wd drive and has been great to me so far!! I just wish it would work with this new router.

Does anyone have any help to offer?
Please note - buy a new router is not an option :slight_smile:


You can follow the below mentioned KBA-