Can't Register Router (500 Internal Server Error)


We purchased a WD My Net N600 router a few years ago. We didn’t think of registering the router until now. When we went over to the register page and entered the First Name, Last Name, and Email Address, and submitted the form, nothing happened. I decided to check the Chrome Developer Console and it shows that the form action is posting a 500 Internal Server Error. With this error, it’s impossible to register the router. Is there a way to fix the error by somehow getting access to the router files? The URL showing the error is: http://wdrouter/register_send.php and we are currently on http://wdrouter/register.php. Below, is a screenshot of the Chrome Developer Console and the page that is posting the 500 error.

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:


In case you did not know, all the WD My Net products were discontinued over 5 years ago, blown out at big discounts via online sellers, and they likely have had the product registration closed for years. Ya win some and ya loose some. If your router is still working just be happy. It is probably about time to buy a replacement router anyway.