Can't read from source file or disc error

I’ve been having problems with “Can’t read from source file or disc” error.
I have a new laptop, running Windows 10 in my main SSD.
My secondary SSD is an WD Blue 500 GB, which I use to keep files.
I’ve been having problems to copy files from my WD Blue SSD. Doesn’t matter if I copy to an external drive or to my main SSD, sometimes I get this error.

I’d like to know how I can check my WE Blue SSD healthy, which tests (CMD or some program) I can run to find the solution to this problem.

I know It can be related to Windows, but the error is only when I try to copy files from the WD.

All help will be appreciated.


open an elevated command prompt and run

chkdsk /r and check to be sure the ssd is intact and readable