Cant play some mkv file

hello friends i just bought wd live its work fine except one thing that its not plays some mkv file.that file playes fine on pc but  if i try to play it on my 46 inch tv via usb or network share its not play.will any body help me.thankyou

MKV is just a container and can contain all kinds of ■■■■, including stuff that will play on a PC but not on a Live (since the PC can have all sorts of codecs the Live doesn’t).

You’ll have to provide more specific information about the file that doesn’t play – use a program like Mediainfo or some such and post the results.

here is the more infomation about file which i cant play plz help me thankyou

Posting an image here isn’t the best way to provide details – either put a link to a place where you host an image, or put text details about the file (because no one here can see your image until a moderator approves it).

Hey deeliuk,

Within MediaInfo, switch the View to “Text” and copy/paste that info here.  ;)

You can change the default Output Format within Options>Preferences for future use.

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Well, now that we have the image, I can tell you that V_MS/VFW/FOURCC, which I *think* is a variant of Flash Video, which is NOT supported, that’s why it won’t play.