Cant Play BBC mkv files


I am new to all of this, but I am slowly working it all out.

I have a WD HD Live box, which is great. I have downloaded HD movies from ZML.COM, and can play these back now problems. They have the file extension of MKV.

I have downloaded lots of BBC programs, but can seem to get them to work on my WD HD Live. Everytime it says file unsupported.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced problems with play back. I have downloaded the latest version of VideoLAN, and none of my MKV will play.

Thanks in advance


MKV is a container and can contain all kinds of stuff, lots of which won’t play properly on the Live (or other things, for that matter).

Use a program like mediainfo to examine one of those files and post the findings here about what’s inside and we can tell you more properly what the problem is.