Can't open MYCloud after reinstall Win 10

Had to reinstall win 10 yesterday, now I can’t open MYCloud so I can load files, had no MYCloud under network tab for a long time, what is MIcrosoft ipto? very annoying, has anybody got a fix please?
Regards Dave

Enable SMB1.0 features.

Long story short:
Microsoft changed how they do network service announcing (how devices advertise that they are servers, et al), since it was baked into the SMB1.0 protocol, which has some outstanding security vulnerabilities (because it as never intended to be used over a routeable protocol, like TCP/IP).

The MyCloud does not use the new announcing protocols, and so, it does not show up on windows 10 devices if the SMB1.0 features are disabled. (Which, because of the security issues, are disabled by default.)