Can't make my hdd work

Hi, my problem is that i bought a WD Caviar Blue 500GB and  I’m trying to connect it to my computer but everytime i try to connect the power supply to the HD  the pc doesn’t start,  it just shuts down i can’t even see the bios.

The PC works fine with my old HDD (also a WD) please i need your help very much!

I think I would contact WD about this.  But… 

If it’s a pata drive, is it jumpered correctly?  Is the cable good?  Is the Bios correctly set up for the drive?  Can the Bios even handle the drive, is it compatible?  That could require a Bios update.

If it’s a sata drive, is the cable good?  is the Bios set up correctly?  etc. etc. etc.