Can't Login to MyBookLive from Windows Vista PC

Hi All,

I have recently bought a 2TB WD MyBookLive.

I can access it from mobile devices, but once I try and open a share from within mybooklive in windows/network explorer it asks for a username and password… Nothing seems to work.

The WD is plugged in via ethernet to the netgear router. Have tried all passwords we can think of, nothing is allowing us entry.

Any advice would be great.



Have you tried admin/admin for the username/password? Also try using WDlink to map the my book, check the link below for the steps.

Have you created any users in the MBL control panel?

Well then, you have to create an user that match exactly the username/password in Windows (the ones you use to login to Windows). Then you have to try again accesing MBL share using the above user/pass (don’t forget to check “remember username and password” in the login window).