Cant login dashboard

i setup and install  3 computers and i can access launchpad and dashboard with no problem. i come back to work next to install to another computer typed “server-name/connect” downloaded the file and install, then receive unexpected error… then i try to go to the computer that i used to set up the dx4000 and try to connect to dashboard and receive this message:
“Windows Server Storage 2008 R2 Dashboard… Unable to connect to your server, Please make sure that; 1. You have network connectivity on this computer., 2. Your server is powered on and is connected to the network”.
Everything is connected properly. i can access launchpad even the shared folder form the server. but not the dashboard and cannot install it on other computer. what should i do?

btw. im using windows 8 and win 7 OS

From a client, can you ping the server by name?  Any Alerts on the server?  Restart the server?

yes i can ping, and i reset the server couple of times and waited for  the verifiying to finish, but still having this problem.

btw error message on the LCD is ethernet 2 disconnected. i just try how it work when i connect it in 2 routers. then i disconnected it the day im installing but never have this problem now

Was the other router a diff IP subnet?  You are sure you can ping the server by name, not just by IP? 

look in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Server\Logs for computerconector.log  (It is a hidden folder on your desktop)  On one that fails to install

Anything noteworthy in there?

This is whats in the log


[03/19/2013 10:57:54 12a4] wmain: Start of Computerconnector
[03/19/2013 10:57:54 12a4] wmain: Calling Computerconnector::ShowWizard()
[03/19/2013 10:57:54 12a4] CComputerconnector::ShowWizard: Initializing common controls
[03/19/2013 10:57:54 12a4] CComputerconnector::ShowWizard: Done initializing common controls
[03/19/2013 10:57:54 12a4] Displaying the wizard
[03/19/2013 10:57:54 12a4] CComputerconnector::ConnecttingDlgProc: IDD_CONNECTING Page Initialization
[03/19/2013 10:57:54 1150] GlobalData::Initialize (, 65510, C:\Users\GTSBilling\Downloads\ComputerConnector(, 1033)
[03/19/2013 10:57:54 1150] ExpandEnvironmentStrings return (C:\windows\Temp\Client Deployment Files)
[03/19/2013 10:57:54 1150] CComputerconnector::Run: Running Task: Id=1 Description=Downloads the file
[03/19/2013 10:57:54 1150] NetworkUtil::DownloadFile (HTTP://, C:\Users\GTSBIL~1\AppData\Local\Temp\
[03/19/2013 10:57:54 1150] NetworkUtil::DownloadFile - Create directory [C:\Users\GTSBIL~1\AppData\Local\Temp] if not exist.
[03/19/2013 10:57:54 1150] NetworkUtil::_WinInetDownloadFile (HTTP://, C:\Users\GTSBIL~1\AppData\Local\Temp\
[03/19/2013 10:58:20 1150] ExtractCabinet: Extract (C:\Users\GTSBIL~1\AppData\Local\Temp\, C:\windows\Temp\Client Deployment Files)
[03/19/2013 10:58:21 1150] SetRegValue [C:\windows\Temp\Client Deployment Files].
[03/19/2013 10:58:21 1150] Deleting [C:\Users\GTSBIL~1\AppData\Local\Temp\].
[03/19/2013 10:58:21 1150] RunShellExecute: ShellExecute [C:\windows\Temp\Client Deployment Files\CSetup.exe] with parameters [(null)]
[03/19/2013 10:58:21 1150] CSetup::Run: Waiting upto 30secs for Sync Event to be signaled
[03/19/2013 10:58:21 1150] CComputerconnector::Run: WaitForSingleObject RetVal = 0
[03/19/2013 10:58:21 12a4] wmain: End of Computerconnector: hr=0x0



 and yes i can ping both server name and ip address. is there a way to reset to factory default dx4000? it gimes me tons of headache already :stuck_out_tongue:

yes, the download is here.  It is almost 7gb so it takes a while

That log loks fine.  There is a clientdeploy log also if you want to look, or just do a reset and satrt over :slight_smile:

if i restore the unit and if i reinstall, would it ask me again to fill up new server name? and what causes this case that i cannot logon on my dashboard even install to some of a client computer? i been working this for like 4 days now :stuck_out_tongue:

here is the client deploy with error


[3492] 130319.112758.0190: ClientSetup: Start of ClientDeploy
[3492] 130319.112758.1440: General: Initializing…C:\windows\Temp\Client Deployment Files\ClientDeploy.exe
[3492] 130319.112758.1596: ClientSetup: Loading Wizard Data
[3492] 130319.112758.1908: ClientSetup: Current DeploymentStatus=Running
[3492] 130319.112758.5190: ClientSetup: Showing the Client Deployment Wizard
[3492] 130319.112758.6909: ClientSetup: Adding Server Info data in the Product Registry
[3492] 130319.112758.7221: ClientSetup: Set the Deployment Sync Event
[4604] 130319.112808.2239: ClientSetup: Running ValidateUser Tasks at WizardPage HomeServerCred
[4604] 130319.112808.2239: ClientSetup: Entering ConnectorWizardForm.RunTasks
[4604] 130319.112808.2239: ClientSetup: Running Task with Id=ClientDeploy.ValidateUser
[4604] 130319.112808.2395: ClientSetup: Entering ValidateUserTask.Run
[4604] 130319.112808.2395: ClientSetup: Install root cert to local trusted store
[4604] 130319.112808.2395: ClientSetup: Validating User
[4604] 130319.112808.2395: ClientSetup: Call MachineIdentityManager.GetMachineStatus
[4604] 130319.112910.5779: ClientSetup: MachineIdentityManager.GetMachineStatus had errors: ErrorCatalog:ProviderNotAvailable ErrorCode:-1
BaseException: Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Devices.Identity.MachineIdentityException: MachineIdentityManager.GetMachineStatus
at Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Devices.Identity.MachineIdentityManager.GetMachineStatus(String serverName, String userName, String password, String machineName, Boolean& isAdmin)
at Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.ClientSetup.ClientDeploy.ValidateUserTask.Run(WizData data)
[4604] 130319.112910.5779: ClientSetup: Exiting ValidateUserTask.Run
[4604] 130319.112910.5779: ClientSetup: Task with Id=ClientDeploy.ValidateUser has TaskStatus=Failed
[4604] 130319.112910.5779: ClientSetup: Task with Id=ClientDeploy.ValidateUser has RebootStatus=NoReboot
[4604] 130319.112910.5779: ClientSetup: Exting ConnectorWizardForm.RunTasks
[3492] 130319.112910.5935: ClientSetup: JoinNetwork Tasks returned TaskStatus=Failed
[3492] 130319.113810.7712: ClientSetup: Back from the Client Deployment Wizard
[3492] 130319.113810.7712: ClientSetup: Saving Wizard Data
[3492] 130319.113810.7868: ClientSetup: End of ClientDeploy: ErrorCode=1603

Look like a cert mismatch


These say sbs 2011 and whs 2011, but all 3 are the same codebase including WSSE

or a setting for the app pool

waldugan wrote:

if i restore the unit and if i reinstall, would it ask me again to fill up new server name? and what causes this case that i cannot logon on my dashboard even install to some of a client computer? i been working this for like 4 days now :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes it will wipe everything and start fresh with servername/etc

You can play with the KB articles I sent you while you download the ISO to start over :wink:

ty very much. imma try all of this till i restore if needs to. 

i cannot  do this i dont even have IIS manager or window server installed for the wss cert.

On the server, click start, admin tools, IIs admin