Can't log in

I only recently bought this device, I did my first timemachine backup and stored some other files on there it all worked fine for a week or so I logged in to the device perhaps 30 times then my MacBookPro died and has now been replaced free of charge.  On the new machine I can not get back into mycloud via the App to migrate my data from TimeMachine to the new machine. I have tried using the email and my username, but the dialogue box just shakes and doesn’t connect. The data I am entering is correct, exactly the same as I used from my old laptop all written down on paper when I did the set up. 

I tried to access via Safari and it let me login fine but I was then pointed at a java download, having installed it when I now click on my device I get a message suggesting the application will allow unrestricted access which does not sound exactly secure and not something I would usually do with anything even trusted stuff. Given there is a lot of research data on the device it must have secure restricted access.


Should I run this?

Why don’t my login details work with the mycloud app? 

You must allow Java access for remote logins. It’s the WD servers that require it, so just click on “Run” and see if you can login. All of us get that message for remote logins.

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Thanks for that, the Java message was not very reassuring! I have been using computers since mainframe days and never had one quite like that before.

After almost 3 hours of trying to get into the App and trying to get TimeMachine to work I posted my message and then had a coffee. I have just come back and input exactly the same details again (one last time before giving up for the day) and I can now get into the Apps and TimeMachine let me set my mycloud as my destination disk so fingers crossed migration assistent will hopefully now let me migrate data to my new machine. 

Whoever built in the bug that makes computers stall untill user frustration reaches its limits then just work like nothing was ever wrong had a weird sense of humour.

Looks like a great commuity in here I have been browsing the forums - great stuff.