Can't locate the safepoint

I have created a safepoint onto another MBL successfully in last week…

This week, I just want to open it and then make the update. 

But I can find the MBL device through the dashboard but can’t locate the safepoint in it  …

Can anyone give me a hand ???

Hi there,

When you go to the safepoint section you are not able to see the previous safepoint? If you go manually to the drive are you able to see the folder called “_WDPROT”?

I have a similar issue as of today. I have been creating safepoints since I got my MyBookLive 2 years ago. I connect a WD Passport to a WS TV live unit and it usually works well.

Go to set up a safepoint tonight in the usual way and there’s no safepoints whatsover.

I noticed the drive rebooted over the weekend for no apparent reason. 

Where should I see this “_WDPROT” file?

Running MyBookLive 02.43.09-038 : Core F/W

I haven’t installed the very latest firmware yet (hence why I was creating a safepoint).