Can't load UI since firmware update

I cant get the UI to come up since the current firmware update

Get a 403 error from IE access denied

The WD utility cant access the configuration either

I can get to the drive directly without issue via explorer and everything else wroks great.

lastly when will the user manual be updated to reflect the current version of firmware?


Did you fix this issue?

Still cannot access the GUI at all, no matter what.

I have tried to get to it from 3 different PC’s, firewall off, you name it.

Each time i try and access the GUI on the WD Live Hub at it’s IP address i get a 403 access denied error.

Even if i use the WD utility to access the configuration it gets the same 403 error.

I have run out of ideas and would love to get yours.

All other functions work fine.

I can access the drive through explorer without issue, i just cant get access to the GUI.

I had the same problem.  My PC was on my WiFi network which is a different subnet than the wired network.  Connect to the wired network and you will be fine.