Can't get video to display at all on older tv

I got a wd tv live and im trying to use it with an older Samsung hdtv that only does 480p/1080i. i have it plugged in thru component. It seems like it is stuck on 720p which my tv can’t display. Is there a way to set it to 1080i. I cant kinda see the menu in the background (720p/1080p shows up squiggly lines on my tv). I just need to know what I have to press on the remote to get to those settings without being able to see it.

I don’t have the older wd tv, but you should be able to go into settings in the user interface and see if it allows you to change the aspect ratio. 

You may need to get into the 4th menu and change the colour space from RGB to YUV or viceversa.

I’m not sure if it’s possible, try using the AV output and check if component settings are available then set frequency to 1080i 60Hz, if this does not work then change the colour space.