Can't get PlayOn + hulu + WD Live to work

Playon is working just fine; I can few most of the other content without issue.

But, I can’t get hulu to display a video.  I can browse the whole thing, and see all the episode lists and such, but when I select to PLAY a video, I get a black screen for about 30 seconds, then the error "Cannot play this file. "  or whatever.

I’ve googled for two days and can’t find a solution.

WD-Live with 1.0.11 firmware

Latest version of PlayOn.
Wired network connection (tried both DHCP and static IP with identical results)

Any suggestions?

Can’t guarantee this will resolve your issue, but if you do a search on Playon, I’m pretty sure there’s a posting that indicates there is some patch for playon.  I know you indicate you have the latest version, but it may be worth investigating (to be completely sure.)

Good luck.  I’m interested in getting Playon for Netflix support, but it seems strange to pay $40 for a $120 box.

Hah!   You may be spot-on.  From the release notes, they apparently released an update just yesterday (the day after I DL’d it), and among the bullets, Hulu is at the top:

PlayOn Version 2.59.3664

Released 12 January 2010

Features and Changes

  • Fixed issue with Hulu videos not working.

Good to hear.  Do us a favor and give us an update… Might push me over the edge to get it.

Ditto for me… I’m also waiting for that tipping point of success before purchasing PlayOn…

please give us an update as to whether Hulu and the rest of the PlayOn features are working for you with the new release, thanks

Sorry, ya’ll.  Had a higher priority item to fix last night, a burst water heater.  After fixing that, I wasn’t interested in more troubleshooting.   Will try tonight.

Well, around 12:30 last night (or this AM), I opted to download the free trial.  I was running on fumes, so I checked to see if Netflix works (it does), but completely forgot to try HULU… will give it a shot as soon as I get home.

Yep, indeed, that patch seems to have fixed the Hulu issue.   I was able to watch just about everything, and the things I couldn’t view were saying “The video is temporarily unavailable,” which is a HULU message, not a WDTV error.

So, thanks a bunch!  I’m in business!   I may very well purchase PlayOn.

I also confirmed that HULU is playing all of my videos (I’m still on Firmware 11).  The only thing that is slightly annoying is the lag to get to the loading screen.  Other than that, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality.

Don’t forget to check out the playonplugins and playonscripts sites that open up a whole world of internet video content.

I have been using WD TV Live w/ Playon for about 3 days now.  I used to have 2 Netgear EVA2000 boxes.  For some reason, the netgear boxes did not produce as good video quality w/ Netflix and Hulu.  The WD on the other hand is more than exceptable (actually quite good).  Playon has a plugin called LocalFiles which allows you link to libraries on your Playon server so everything (Netflix, Hulu & personal library) is in one centalized location.  Great just great.

I’m a newb to this stuff…been using PlayOn for only a couple days and I think I’ll be a convert to fee-based service.  Anyway, the Hulu hookup is GREAT, just finished watching an ep of Fringe that’s as good/better than the rips I’ve been getting from offshore, and the LocalFiles folder works like a charm-playback of BBC programs is perfect.