Can't get past the first 'WD TV Live HD Media Player' logo Screen

My WD TV Live HD Media Player arrived today, just got the chance to plug it in.

I’ve tried it using HMDI & Composite (seperately), with and without WD USB drive attached… but it never gets past the initial ‘loading’ screen with the big WD logo.  The Power LED on the unit is aways continuously flashing.

I tried the reset button (for 1, 12 & 30 seconds)  but it has absolutely NO effect what so ever.

I’ve powered down for 10 min+ no effect.

Is it totally goosed?

Any WD support people on this forum?

If you are sure the composite input on the TV is OK, the cables are firmly plugged in, and you have tried resetting, if you can’t get past the loading screen using the composite video output, then the WD box is probably broken.

Yeah, TV is fine both HMDI & Composite.