Can't get old network setup with new routerWD TV Live media player

I will first start by saying I used this tutorial to set up the initial network, which worked fine.

I have recently switched to a new router (as provided by my new ISP) because the newer one performs much better (faster, better wifi, etc.).  The old router was a Netgear N300 and the new one is a Technicolor TG587n.  I haven’t changed anything on any device, and when all was powered down, and then restarted, I no longer have access to the WDLIVE as previously.  I have a hard drive connected directly to the WD device and was accessing it from the desktop.

The only devices now showing under network, are all from the router.  I’m clearly not in the know when it comes to setting up a network, but hoped someone could shed some light here. 

Windows 7, Technicolor router/modem, and WD TV Live media player.


Crisis averted.  All came down to reconfig the network settings on the WD player.  It runs through a VPN and I needed to update the settings (IP and Gateway) to the new router.  All fixed, couldn’t be happier.

I’m glad you were able to find a solution, and thank you for sharing it.