Can't get iTunes to recognise my My Book World Edition II 2TB

I cannot get my iTunes to recognise my drive, so i cant access my music on the My Book World Edition II 2TB. I configured it in Media Settings and it says that it was configured correctly. The device shows under SHARED in itunes, but when i click on ‘MyBookWorld’ in iTunes, it says ‘loading mybookworld’ and nothing happens. I have checked my firewall and it is allowing bonjour to run. I dont know what else to do. i have windows vista. please help!

What version of iTunes do you have? AFAIK the ITS won’t work with the MBW past iTunes 10 because of its age.

I’m away on business so can’t confirm the actual number of iTunes but it’s the latest version.

This is a blatant rip off - I bought the unit in 2010 - the life expectancy of this product’s key feature (compatibility with iTunes) should be more than 3.5 years! WD should update the unit’s firmware as iTunes updates theirs over time, to ensure the customer relieves long term value. What confidence does this give me to re-invest in a new WD machine that the same wouldn’t re/occur a couple years later??! I’ll be searching for a more an alternative manufacturer/product. First and last time for Western Digital for me. Not impressed.