Cant get into windows

My laptop crashed and went into repair startup menu, but didnt enter into windows anymore.
I tryed al sorts of things in there but nothing works.
I tryed a lot of ways in the command prompt.
i did a usb bootable windows, i tryed to restore to an early point,(i dont have one :()
nothing works.
when i try to install windows and keep my files i cant.
I run the diagnostic from bios and it gived me an error with the hard drive.

someone please if can help me.
im trying to reco ver my data from the hard drive before i try to format it.

There is no chance to retrieve any data from a failing hard drive when this is attached at the laptop.
Stop pretending the doctor, and ask for help (deliver the laptop) at professional local computer builder.
This HDD is half dead, neither format will not save it.

This laptop had a strong impact, the HDD got killed.

I think I would replace the HDD/SSD, install Windows. Then connect the old drive via USB and try some recovery software, maybe Recoverit, and see if the files you want could be recovered.

This is exactly why you should make backups to another device.

low cost USB boxes for 2.5" drives convert it to a backup

Permanently damaged HDD they can serve only as home or office decoration items.

SSD replacements are far less costly, probably time to consider options