Can't get any sound

Just purchased the WD TV Live streaming media player, hooked up to TV with HDMI cord, i get the video but no sound?


Set the audio mode to STEREO.

i did that.   I have also just tried a utube video and it also does not play the sound, but i do get the video.

I have a SANYO tv and I had the same problem on HDMI1 input but works OK on HDMI2 input.

Try the composite cable, do you get any sound with that?

hi there 

i just bought WD TV Live Streaming Media Player and had same problem.

HDMI no sound

tried to change all setting in audio/video outpot to no avail. worse still if i restart, i get purple screen.

tried with composite cable sound came out without any problem.

Is this because of my TV that is old and not supported? planning to buy a sony bravia tv…