Cant get access to my book live UI

hello there, im not native speaker so take ur time understanding me. so my problem is that i cant get access my device via its IP in my browser, the problem is i forgot my owner password so i was trying to reset my device to default owner password: pressed button for 4s when the led is green and not smirking, device reboot, but password is not resetting to default,i tried few more ways like pressing reset b for 40s, when device is started etc. While i was tryin to fix this problem with the password i realise that, i know the password, because when i type random password it says me with red that password is incorrect ( ) , but when i type my owner password(seems like its just not working) the page refreshes itself, not saying anything ( ) and this is internal. so i know the password, but system not letting me in dashboard. i can access the files via my pc, and via my phone(not anymore, while i was tryin to fix the problem, i logged out from my phone and now cant log in, when i type random things on my phone as a password it says password is incorrect, but when i type real password it lag for like 10 s then says there is error 500 - on my iphone) so like i said b4 i can access my files via network and wd my cloud app too via my pc, but cant reset my owner password to default and get access to dashboard is there a way to fix this?

my device is my book live 2tb, i dont update any firmware ever

Hello SteaLso,

You should contact WD support for such issue as they would be able to provide you better assistance for this issue.