Can't get a £ pound sign symbol in UK WD Live TV device please help

Hi I hope you can please help. A password for one of my Samba Shares has a £ sign symbol in it but I can’t access the share on the WD TV Live box as the onscreen keyboard only has a dollar sign and not a UK pound sign.

I tried plugging a USB keyboard in but it didn’t work. Can you please add this to the next firmware update or advise on how I can get a Pound sign please?

It’s not convenient to change the samba password as a lot of other devices also use it! Also I live in the UK and bought this in the UK so I would of thought there would be more use for the £ or even the Euro sign in this region than the dollar sign which I don’t have a use for… Thanks for any help on this.


Sorry to hear that.

Try using a different keyboard to see if you can get that.

Regarding a new firmware, I don’t have any information as to when a new FW will be coming out.

Hi thanks, I don’t have another USB keyboard but I will see if I can borrow
one. Does the ‘WD Tive Live Streaming Player’ actually support USB
keyboards though or is it just other models?


Yes, please see page 42 of the user manual.

Link to manual: