Can't find mycloud through explorer

I recently changed internet providers and now i can’t access mycloud through windows explorer which means i can’t save directly to the device. The desktop app still works so i can upload stuff after the fact but i still want/need to access the cloud directly any ideas why it’s doing this?

Run //wdmycloud doesn’t work either

Hi there,

Try resetting the device to see if this helps you out with he issue, here is a link that might help you with his:

it didn’t work I still can’t browse to it. when i click on it in the
storage section it opens but instead of WDmycloud it opens with an ip
address and when i try to save something and hit browse and go to network
it doesn’t exist. the only thing in network is command central

try to do Run \the device ip address then once you have this try to map the shares by right clicking on them and clicking on map network drive.

Who is your new internet provider?

Have you tried using the IP address of the My Cloud in Windows File Explorer to access the My Cloud?

If using Windows 10 see the tacked thread at the top of the subforum there are issues with Windows 10 not properly seeing the My Cloud.