Can't enter device

i hace an external memory device. wen i plug it to the computer, it is recognised and i can see it in the devices and printers window. but i cant see it in the “computer” window and i cant get access to files ,
what sould i do?

have you check in Disk Management to see if the drive shows up in there?  Also, what kind of memory device do you have?

i have sw elements 1023. i can anter the disk properties but 
i can’t see were to anter the device  ( it dous’nt appear in “computer” screen.) wd elements copy.jpg 

but you don’t say if you can see it in disk management.  if you right-click on computer and left-click on manage, you will open up the computer management console.  go down the list on the left side to disk management, and left-click on that.  the right side will open up with all the storage drives connect to the compter.  if it shows up in there, it may indicate some kind of corruption.  also, what color does the bar show if it’s there?