Cant Edit / Change Folders on PC

Hey all,

Purchased a 2TH WB My ICloud hard drive and set it all up on my Macbook Pro. Everything worked fine put all my videos songs photos etc on it - no problems.

Just purchased a PC (Surface Pro 3) automatically when i connected to my Network it recognised the iCloud Hard drive which I thought great. When I opened it up on my PC three folders appeared - Music, Videos and Photos. (This was not how I had it set up on my Macbook) when I click on each folder i am presented with more folders and eventually I can find my videos etc but they are all over the place.

Then I realised I cant edit anything through the PC when I access the ICloud hard drive. I cant create folders, add files etc.

When I check back on my Macbook Pro no problems.

Im not sure if i need to do anything through my PC to get it to work. Can anyone please help me, I will be forever in your debt :slight_smile:

Don’t access via the ICloud. It’s sort of DLNA read-only browser. Go straight to the File Explorer -> Network -> WDMyCloud.

Thanks Nazar.

WDMyCloud appears twice in Network.

When I click on it under Media Devices it brings me to a website called Twonky and it has a message that the Activity Status is “not streaming”

Its also under the heading Storage, but it takes me to to change settings

Am i doing anything wrong?

Those are upnp devices. If you view by details, the category should be “Computer”. From the file explorer address bar, enter: \wdmycloud