Can't download apps on WD MyCloud EX 4100


When I’m in the dashboard I can’t install apps from the appstore. I tried several apps and always the download stucks at 98%.

I try to download PlexMediaServer but it doesn’t work. First I thought it’s a problem with plex, but every App is hanging on 98% while downloading. please, I need help

You should try to check after the reboot of all network devices and My Cloud Device. This will initialize the network path in My Cloud and start the services of My Cloud Server.

In case you are still having problems (or others discover this), the issue with apps commonly happens if you have not initialized your drives - even if you are using JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Drives).

You need to go into the RAID configuration settings and configure the drives for JBOD, Spanning (one virtual drive over multiple physical drives), or RAID. This will cause the drives to format. After that, you should be able to install applications.