Can't Delete MKV Files?

I know this may not be the place but I figured someone here has come across this and figured it out. I have ONE PC that will not let me delete a mkv file from anywhere on my network or that PC itself. I’m always told by Windowz 7 the file is in use. This even happens on starting the PC…just let it boot and then try to delete one and you get told it’s in use.


Maybe since I can’t delete them on my Hub from that PC will make this post acceptable here :slight_smile:



You can probably delete it from Safe Mode.

There are a lot of utilities that will help you delete files that have operating sytem locks on them. A quick google search will find you one if Tony’s idea does not work


So…now I wonder why can I use a different computer and there is no problem?

This is my ONLY issue with using mkv files… I would prefer to use them but I’m too lazy to boot to safe mode to delete them when I’m done with them.

Is there someway to reset Windowz on the afflicted trash can?