Can't delete files from public share

Dear all

Using 3Tb MBLive on Mac network. I’ve copied some folders from Public share to a private one. But now when I try to del the original files from Public I get a message that I don’t have enough privileges.

When I do Get Info… on the share it has 3 users - “daapd” [never heard of] “staff” and “everyone” with Read & Write access. I’ve applied those privileges to all enclosed items, but I still get the error.

I’ve been logged on to the MBL as Guest but have also tried logging on as named user. No luck

I need to delete these folders because I need to add some more – including 83GB of photos and 1.07Tb of music.

Any suggestions? 

“Get info” is useless for files on the NAS. Remember, the shares/files are on MBL which controls the access, not on the MAC.

Instead, access the dashboard (admin web site on MBL) and make sure the Public share is actually public, also verify the correct users. All in MBL.

I think in MBL dashboard, the public share is always ‘public’ as you have no way to modify the access right of it.

I don’t know what was wrong with your MBL but you can always login as root through SSH and delete files as you wish.