Can't Create a System Image in Windows 8 but okay in Windows 7

I have two WD My Passport portable storage devices; one a new 1TB and empty.  I have created systems images of my Windows 7 computer on each drive without issue.  I have tried both drives on my new Windows 8 computer.  The computer sees both drives fine and I can write to and copy form them however when I try to do a system image using the Windows 7 file recovery utility in Windows 8 I get a long message which the short version basically says:

There is not enough disk space to create the volume shadow copy on the storage location. (0x80780119). The message is the same for both drives.

It says it will require 54GB of space; the new drive has over 700GB free.  Any help would be appreciated.


This is not a drive issue, however checking online I found this link. Take a look I’m pretty sure it will help you.

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Thank you